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Rest and Recharge

Hi! Sorry it’s been awhile, I had a tournament last weekend and it’s been kinda hectic. Anyway, yesterday I was playing and for some reason my entire body just felt like there was weights strapped to it. Every movement I made felt heavy, and I couldn’t seem to swing aggressively at the ball. I thought something was wrong with me, but it turns out I was just tired and that really annoyed me. I couldn’t swing with the same way I normally do, and I kept playing thinking maybe it’ll come back, but the harder I tried the worse I felt. So, eventually I picked up and just enjoyed the weather outside. It doesn’t make you weak or wimpy for being tired. It’s important to realize that you are tired and to take care of yourself before you burn out completely. The longer you wrestle with it, the longer the recovery period will be. What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to be tired, and to not be going a hundred miles an hour all the time. We’re not machines, even though there’s always going to be that person that plays a tournament every chance they get, it’s important to take care of yourself, that way you get more out of yourself and the game.

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